29 Sep 2016

The Giver - Chapters 13 & 14

Answer these questions

Chapter 13
1.  What did Jonas see in daily life now?
2.  What would Jonas like to do when he wakes up in the morning?
3.  What does Jonas decide might be unsafe?
4.  Why was Jonas sometimes angry?
5.  What terrible memory did Jonas receive?
6.  Where is The Giver's former spouse?
7.  What does The Giver say his life is?
8.  Ten years ago, how did the community learn they needed a Receiver to contain the pain?
9.  What does The Giver say about Jonas's science teacher?
10.  How does Jonas think The Giver might suffer less?

Chapter 14
1. At the start of the memory, what did Jonas notice?
2.  What painful memory was given to Jonas?
3.  What did Jonas beg for?
4.  Why did Jonas feel lonely?
5.  Why did The Giver end each session with a colorful memory?
6.  Why does The Giver say they must hold painful memories, such as the hunger memory?
7.  Why did The Giver say that the community should not increase their numbers?
8.  Why did The Giver tell them not to shoot the plane down?
9.  What is the real reason for a Receiver?
10.  What is the problem with Gabriel?
11.  What does Father hope they won't have to do with Gabriel?
12.  Why does Father say they are preparing for a release?
13.  What does Jonas wonder about Larissa and the twin?
14.  What idea, concerning Gabriel, does Jonas have?
15.  What happened to the sailboat memory?

26 Sep 2016

The Giver - Chapters 11 & 12

Answer these questions

Chapter 11

1.  How did Jonas understand the sledding experience and the new words?
2.  Where was Jonas when he finally opened his eyes?
3.  Why does the old man feel lighter?
4.  What does Jonas wish he would have done on the sled?
5.  Why is there no longer snow?
6.  Rather than power, what does the Receiver have?
7.  What word did Jonas learn without being told?
8.  What caused Jonas some pain in the third memory?
9.  How did Jonas feel about the pain?
10.  What will Jonas call the old man?

Chapter 12

1.  Who did not sleep well during the night?
2.  What feelings did Jonas have after his dream?
3.  Why couldn't Jonas talk about his experiences in training?
4.  Similar to young children, what is used on the Old?
5.  What did Fiona seem to expect from Jonas?
6.  What strange thing happened as Jonas watched Fiona walk up the steps?
7.  When Jonas talks to The Giver about "seeing" what does The Giver ask Jonas about?
8.  What does The Giver say Jonas is beginning to see?
9.  How would you feel if our world went to Sameness? Explain your answer.
10.  What memory does The Giver want to give that will help Jonas with the concept of color?

The Giver - Chapter 10

Chapter 10

1.  What was done to the bikes during the night?
2.  What did the Attendant do that surprised Jonas?
3.  Why were the doors locked?
4.  What difference about books did Jonas notice in the Receiver's dwelling?
5.  What is the job of the current Receiver?
6.  What did the Receiver do to the speaker?
7.  What will be the first memory given to Jonas?
8. If you could transfer a good memory to someone, what memory would it be?

19 Sep 2016

Did you know these exist?

Watch the 20 inventions 
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Which is the most useful for you? Why?
Which is the silliest? Why?

14 Sep 2016

The Giver - Chapters 8 & 9

Chapter 8
1.  What feelings did Jonas have?
2.  What has Jonas been selected for?
3.  Why will Jonas need courage?
4.  How will Jonas get wisdom?
5.  What Capacity does Jonas have?
6.  When the audience clapped, how did Jonas feel?

Chapter 9


1.  Why did Jonas feel apart?
2.  What was in the folders?
3.  Why is Lily anxious for the next day?
4.  What did Jonas learn about the last person selected to be Receiver?
5.  What rule changes did Jonas now have?
6.  What did Jonas wonder about other people?

The Giver - Chapter 7

Chapter 7

1.  What number was Jonas? Why was he given the number?
2.  What joke was made about Asher with the chief Elder?
3.  Why did Asher stop talking when he was three?
4.  What Assignment did Asher receive?
5.  Why was Pierre being called to the stage a surprise?
6.  Why did Jonas not look at his parents?
7.  What did Jonas search his mind for?
8.  In this community, what do you think it would mean to not get an assignment?

12 Sep 2016

The Giver - Chapters 5 & 6

Chapter 5

1.  What was the morning ritual?
2.  What did Jonas tell about that morning?
3.  What feeling did Jonas have?
4.  What announcement does Jonas remember hearing about "stirrings"?
5.  What was the treatment?
6.  What were Jonas's differing feelings after taking the pill?
7.  Soon, what happened to Jonas's Stirrings?

Chapter 6

Page 68, first line
1.  Why did the young children have jackets that buttoned down the back?
2.  What job does Jonas say he would not want?
3.  Why didn't Father sit with Mother at the Ceremony?
4.  What process was Gabe going through? Why was Gabe's situation so unusual?
5.  What name had Fiona's little brother been given? How did Fiona feel about it?
6.  What was special about Caleb?
7.  What was special about turning Eight?
8.  Why were Jonas and his family not looking forward to Fritz getting a bike?
9.  What event happened at the Ceremony of Ten?
10.  What story does Asher tell?
11.  Why was Jonas so certain the Assignments would be correct?
12.  What Assignment would you choose for yourself? Why?

1 Sep 2016

The Giver - Chapter 4

1.  When Lily becomes an Eight, what freedom will she gain?
2.  What Assignment would Benjamin probably be given? Why?
3.  Why did Jonas not talk with Benjamin about his success?
4.  How and where did Jonas find Asher's bike?
5.  How did Jonas fill the tub?
6.  What rule did not apply to the Old and to Newchildren?
7.  Why does Larissa think Edna's lifestory was not that interesting?
8.  Where did Roberto go when he was released?
9.  What makes Larissa laugh?
10.  What do you think happens to a person when he or she is released? Why do you think so?

Units 6, 7 and 8 - Workbook - Self-correction exercises

As discussed in class, your task is to complete the exercises, then correct them with the help of these answers and hand in the workbook for a final check.
Remember to use any other colour to correct, rather than erase the answers. This will help you a lot to spot your mistakes and learn from them!
Here is the link to the answers.
Good job!