22 Apr 2015

Vocabulary and grammar review Unit 2


By clicking the link below you will find the answers for this review.

Check your answer and let's discuss them in class!

Answers here!

15 Apr 2015

Speaking Paper - Part 2

In Part 2 you are expected to talk on your own about two photographs for about a minute and a half. The interview will begin with the examiner saying something like: In this part of the test I'm going to give each of you two photographs. I'd like you to talk about your photographs on your own for about 1 minute and also to answer a short question about your partner's photographs. (Candidate A), here are your photographs. They show...................... I'd like you to compare and contrast these photographs and say................. Notice there are TWO instructions here, a) 'Compare and contrast' the two photographs, b) 'say..........................' . In Part 2 candidates need to show they can compare but also give an opinion. So you will also need to, c) Speculate d) React. Have a look at the following presentation and work on your skills

14 Apr 2015

Upcoming dates for Practice Tests: April & May

Be sure you save these dates for the upcoming Practice Tests for FCE for April & May.
If you have any questions about how to proceed, ask in class!

Practice Test n°
April 15th/16th (in class)

April 17th (Friday)
Reading & Use of English

April 24th (Friday)
May 20th/21st (in class)

May 22nd (Friday)
Reading & Use of English

May 29th (Friday)

12 Apr 2015

Writing | Part 2 An article

See below the answers to the exercises for homework for April 14th.

The final task of this series of exercises it to write an article.

It is important to identify who is going to read your article.
This will determine what you include in your article 
and the style you use.

See below the answers to the exercises for homework for April 14th.
As usual, remember to discuss your views in class and share them with the whole group.

Student’s book, page 26/27

Exercise 6. These are suggested answers
2. I was staying with my aunt. My aunt (she) is a keen cook.
3. I was soon doing things. They were more complicated.
4. I went back to school after the summer. I decided to do cookery lessons.
5. Friends come round to my house. i often cook them (my friends) something.
6. For me, cooking is one fo the most creative and useful free-time activities. Anyone can do it (cook).

Exercise 7. These are suggested answers
1. I was 13 when I started running seriously / I started running seriously when I ws 13.
2. My aunt, who is a keen athlete, encouraged me.
3. I go running most days when/after I have finished school and done my homework.
4. Running is a sport which/that gets you really fit.

Exercise 8. These are suggested answers
1. I started windsurfing when I was 13 and I was staying with friends by the sea.
2. One of my friends, who is a keen windsurfer, encouraged me to start because she thought I would enjoy it.
3. I kept falling into the sea to start with because it was a fairly windy day and there were a lot of waves.
4. I did not enjoy it at first because I had to concentrate quite hard, but I carried on trying.
5. I started to windsurf quite fast, which was exciting, so I started to find it quite enjoyable.

Exercise 9
1. satisfying, relaxing fascinating, wonderful
2. creative, useful
3. competent

Exercise 10
feelings about an activity: 
astonishing, delightful, depressing, dreadful, entertaining, exhausting, incredible, irritating, superb, tremendous, unbelievable.
the type of activity: 
competitive, demanding, economical, popular, time-consuming

Exercise 11.
This is not exactly a key for the exercise; and the exercise itself is a reminder of what you have to consider before writing your article in the next exercise.
Remember to decide:
+ on a title, so that it encourages people to read it.
+ how many paragraphs, the main idea of each of them.
+ write a plan
+ think about the vocabulary you will use.

8 Apr 2015

Reading and Use of English - Part 5 - Answer key

Just out of curiosity...

Ewan, Euan or Ewen or is a male given name, most commonly heard throughout Scotland and Canada. It is a derivative of Eoghan (meaning "born of the yew tree", a kind of coniferous tree) and is mostly of Irish origin.Its pronunciation may be difficult to guess for non-native speakers. In phonetics symbols, it is /ˈjuːən/

Student’s book, page 20-21

Exercise 2 This is just a suggested answer
His girlfriend left him for someone with a motorbike; he had enjoyed riding a motorbike when he was six; it would allow him to get to places.

Exercise 3. The underlining should be:
1 Such trivialities; 2 did not buy; 3 adults, frightened, because; 4 main reason for buying; 5 desire, meant; 6 result, accident. 

Exercise 4
1 D 2 B
3 C 4 D
5 A   6 C 

7 Apr 2015

Writing - Answer key

Hello! We're back from the 4-day long weekend.
I hope you had a joyful Easter time.

See below the answers to the exercises for homework for April 7th.
As always, remember to discuss your views in class. It's a great chance to know other students' ideas as well and share yours with the whole group.

Student’s book, page 17

Exercise 4
Paragraph 1: intro: e
Paragraph 2: b
Paragraph 3: c
Paragraph 4: a
Paragraph 5: conclusion: d

Exercise 5
I believe...
In my view...
In my opinion...
I think...

Exercise 6
1 Although; 2 However; 3 On the other hand; 4 However; 5 whereas
Be sure you check your answers by reading the Language Reference on page 168: Linking words for contrast.

Exercise 7
1 whereas; 2 Although; 3 However / On the other hand; 4 Although; 5 On the other hand / However; 5 However / On the other hand
Be sure you check your answers by reading the Language Reference on page 168: Linking words for contrast.

Exercise 8
Remember to hand in your essay following the instructions in exercise 1. You should also read the Writing reference on page 186: Part 1 Essays.