31 Mar 2015

Reading and Use of English exercises - Answer key

See below the answers to the exercises for homework for March 31st.
Don't forget to bring your comments to class. It's a valuable opportunity to share opinions and ideas with the whole group.

Student’s book, page 11

Exercise 5. These are suggested answers.
Paragraph 2: Trust teenagers to behave responsibly
Paragraph 3: Brain development
Paragraph 4: Scientific findings about teenage behaviour
Paragraph 5: Negotiation and compromise
Paragraph 6: Concentrate on your goal/objective

Exercise 6
1 G; 2 E; 3 A; 4 C; 5 B; 6 F. 
D is not needed

Student's book, page 12

Exercise 2
2 have asked  3 have cleaned 
4 has been playing  5 have passed 
6 has only been working  7 have spent 
8 have been cooking

Exercise 3
2 learned have learned/have been learning 
3 work have worked 
4 play have been playing 
5 had been doing have been doing 
6 are have been 
7 had been talking have been talking 
8 dance have been dancing

24 Mar 2015

Reading and Use of English Paper - Part 7 - Answer key

Follow this link to get your answers for the reading comprehension exercise and get them ready for class discussion on Thursday, March 26th

Listening Paper - Part 4 - Answer key

Hi, there! Follow this link to find out your answers and bring your comments next Thursday, March 26th to discuss them in class.

Good luck!

23 Mar 2015

Listening Paper


Here you'll find the audio file for the last Listening Paper. Don't forget to complete Part 4 and check your answers. They'll be available on Wednesday, March 25th

16 Mar 2015

Where will a Cambridge English exam take you?

A banker, a photographer and a travel marketing professional share their stories about how Cambridge English exams gave them the language skills they needed for success.
 (Press the CC button after starting the video so that subtitles do not appear)

15 Mar 2015

FCE - Speaking - Part 1

                  Forget Skipper's advice for the exam!

Below is the first of a series of short videos where you can see a complete Speaking Test for FCE. 
See below Part 1 and let's discuss in class!

11 Mar 2015

The coursebook for this year is...

Available at York!
Don't forget to get it by March 25th

Let's Brush Up Our English!

So here is the key for your homework for tomorrow March 12th.

Remember these important points:

  1. We won't correct them in class. You have to read this key and check your answers yourself.
  2. Try to be honest with yourself!
  3. See if you understand the reasons why an answer is right or wrong.
  4. Bring your doubts, questions, comments to class and let's discuss them!

Click here to open a file in another window that will show you your answers