31 Mar 2015

Reading and Use of English exercises - Answer key

See below the answers to the exercises for homework for March 31st.
Don't forget to bring your comments to class. It's a valuable opportunity to share opinions and ideas with the whole group.

Student’s book, page 11

Exercise 5. These are suggested answers.
Paragraph 2: Trust teenagers to behave responsibly
Paragraph 3: Brain development
Paragraph 4: Scientific findings about teenage behaviour
Paragraph 5: Negotiation and compromise
Paragraph 6: Concentrate on your goal/objective

Exercise 6
1 G; 2 E; 3 A; 4 C; 5 B; 6 F. 
D is not needed

Student's book, page 12

Exercise 2
2 have asked  3 have cleaned 
4 has been playing  5 have passed 
6 has only been working  7 have spent 
8 have been cooking

Exercise 3
2 learned have learned/have been learning 
3 work have worked 
4 play have been playing 
5 had been doing have been doing 
6 are have been 
7 had been talking have been talking 
8 dance have been dancing


  1. Hey teacher, I'm Meli. I can't do the homework because I asked a friend to lend me the book so I could do it but she forgot. Can I do it all for Thursday?