31 Oct 2015

The Giver - Chapters 19 to 21

Chapter 19

1.  Why did Jonas look at the clock?
2.  What is recorded in the Hall of Records?
3.  How was Jonas able to see the release?
4.  What does Jonas realize a release is?
5.  What does Jonas learn about the release of Rosemary?
6.  What does Jonas feel coming on after he learns the news?

Chapter 20

music notes1.  What must no one hear Jonas do?
2.  Where will Jonas stay the night?
3.  Why does father lie to Jonas?
4.  What is Fiona already in training to do?
5.  What is the worst part of the memories?
6.  What does The Giver say they will do after they eat?
7.  What would happen if the plan failed?
8.  Why will the community be forced to take the memories?
9.  What does The Giver no longer have?
10.  What does Jonas insist that The Giver keep?
11.  What kind of memories would The Giver transfer? Why?
12.  Describe some details of the plan.
13.  Who is The Giver's daughter?

Chapter 21

night sky
1.  What did Father vote for? Why?
2.  Name at least three rules that Jonas broke.
3.  How did Jonas get Gabriel to sleep that night?
4.  Why did Jonas make Gabriel sleep in the morning?
5.  Describe the daily routine of Jonas and Gabriel.
6.  What kind of planes did Jonas see?
7.  How did Jonas keep from being caught by the searchers?

19 Oct 2015

Speaking - Part 3 & 4

Part 3

I would like you to talk to each other about the clothes people wear and why they choose to wear particular things.
Now you have 1 minute to discuss if the fashion industry has too much influence.

Part 4

Do you think looking good is important and explain why or why not?
Do you think people are judged by what they wear and is that right?
Are you interested in fashion and do you think the fashion industry is too powerful?

16 Oct 2015

The Giver - Chapters 15 to 18

Answer these questions
Chapter 15
horse1.  Why did Jonas ask The Giver if he could help?
2.  What memory did Jonas receive?
3.  What did the boy near Jonas request?
4.  After giving the memory, what did The Giver say to Jonas?
5.  What other bad memories do you think The Giver has in his mind?

Chapter 16
1.  What did Jonas want back?
2.  What favourite memory did The Giver pass to Jonas?
3.  What feeling do you think Jonas cannot find the word for about the memory?
4.  What do Jonas's parents say about the word "love"?
5.  What does Jonas decide to stop doing?

Chapter 17
1.  What special announcement did the family hear?
2.  How did Jonas feel?
3.  Why did the game upset Jonas?
4.  Why is tomorrow a big day for Father?
5.  Why does Father tell Lily it is bedtime?

Chapter 18
1.  What question does Jonas have for The Giver?
2.  What was the name of the Receiver that did not make it ten years ago?
3.  How does The Giver feel about Jonas and the other Receiver?
4.  What happened to the other Receiver?
5.  What would happen if Jonas died?
6.  What does The Giver say they will talk about again sometime?

5 Oct 2015

Speaking - Part 3 & 4

Basic information
Part 3
Two-way conversation between candidates.
Candidates are given spoken instructions, along with written prompts, and work on a decision-making task. The focus is on sustaining the interaction by: sharing ideas, expressing and justifying opinions, agreeing and/or disagreeing, suggesting, speculating, evaluating and negotiating to reach a decision.Give opinions, agree and disagree, make suggestions, etc.; take turns.4 minutes

Part 4 Discussion related to the task in Part 3Candidates answer spoken questions that focus on: expressing and justifying opinions, agreeing and/or disagreeing.Give and justify opinions, agree & disagree, take turns and explore topics.4 minutes