16 Oct 2015

The Giver - Chapters 15 to 18

Answer these questions
Chapter 15
horse1.  Why did Jonas ask The Giver if he could help?
2.  What memory did Jonas receive?
3.  What did the boy near Jonas request?
4.  After giving the memory, what did The Giver say to Jonas?
5.  What other bad memories do you think The Giver has in his mind?

Chapter 16
1.  What did Jonas want back?
2.  What favourite memory did The Giver pass to Jonas?
3.  What feeling do you think Jonas cannot find the word for about the memory?
4.  What do Jonas's parents say about the word "love"?
5.  What does Jonas decide to stop doing?

Chapter 17
1.  What special announcement did the family hear?
2.  How did Jonas feel?
3.  Why did the game upset Jonas?
4.  Why is tomorrow a big day for Father?
5.  Why does Father tell Lily it is bedtime?

Chapter 18
1.  What question does Jonas have for The Giver?
2.  What was the name of the Receiver that did not make it ten years ago?
3.  How does The Giver feel about Jonas and the other Receiver?
4.  What happened to the other Receiver?
5.  What would happen if Jonas died?
6.  What does The Giver say they will talk about again sometime?

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