31 Oct 2015

The Giver - Chapters 19 to 21

Chapter 19

1.  Why did Jonas look at the clock?
2.  What is recorded in the Hall of Records?
3.  How was Jonas able to see the release?
4.  What does Jonas realize a release is?
5.  What does Jonas learn about the release of Rosemary?
6.  What does Jonas feel coming on after he learns the news?

Chapter 20

music notes1.  What must no one hear Jonas do?
2.  Where will Jonas stay the night?
3.  Why does father lie to Jonas?
4.  What is Fiona already in training to do?
5.  What is the worst part of the memories?
6.  What does The Giver say they will do after they eat?
7.  What would happen if the plan failed?
8.  Why will the community be forced to take the memories?
9.  What does The Giver no longer have?
10.  What does Jonas insist that The Giver keep?
11.  What kind of memories would The Giver transfer? Why?
12.  Describe some details of the plan.
13.  Who is The Giver's daughter?

Chapter 21

night sky
1.  What did Father vote for? Why?
2.  Name at least three rules that Jonas broke.
3.  How did Jonas get Gabriel to sleep that night?
4.  Why did Jonas make Gabriel sleep in the morning?
5.  Describe the daily routine of Jonas and Gabriel.
6.  What kind of planes did Jonas see?
7.  How did Jonas keep from being caught by the searchers?

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