3 Nov 2015

The Giver - Chapters 22 and 23 - The End

Chapter 22


1.  How did the landscape change?
2.  How did Jonas hurt his knee?
3.  What wildlife did Jonas and Gabriel see?
4.  What things made Jonas happy?
5.  What food did Jonas and Gabriel eat?
6.  What wrong choice does Jonas think he may have made? Why?
7.  Why had there not really been a choice about leaving for Jonas?
8.  What reason did Jonas have to cry?

Chapter 23

1.  What did Jonas feel was not far away?
2.  How did Jonas try to keep Gabriel warm?
3.  What did Jonas remember and tell Gabriel about?
4.  What good memory did Jonas share with Gabriel?
5.  As Jonas reached the hilltop, what did he remember?
christmas lights6.  What does Jonas find waiting at the top of the hill?
7.  What did Jonas see as he was going down?
8.  What did Jonas hear?
9.  What place did Jonas think he also heard the sound from?
10.  Where do you think Jonas went?

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