25 Jul 2014

How strong is your vocabulary?

Take our 10-question quiz to find out — and maybe learn some new words along the way.
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Useful phrases when writing letters

Have a look at these 

Collection of idioms used in letters and e-mails

Take a look! The first group you´ll find phrases related to work, the second image has phrases you can use when writing about your free time. 

Free time

Language Learning Base An online community for learning new languages 

Useful Words & Phrases

Linking words are very important for written and spoken English. 
They help you build a logical argument in your assignment by linking one statement to another.
Take a look at these lists of words and have them near next time you have a writing assignment. 

Phrases to use when we want / need to communicate our agreements or disagreements.

Language Learning Base An online community for learning new languages http://languagelearningbase.com/20630/list-of-useful-linking-words

10 Jul 2014

The Go-Between

This is the Glogster presentation made by Milagros, Marian and Victoria on Marian from "The Go-Between" Good job!

3 Jul 2014

The Go - Between

This is another glogster presentation on Ted Burgess made by Federico and Demian. Enjoy it!

The Go- Between

This is a glogster presentation made by Andrea, Florencia and Miriam on Leo. Soon there will be more glogsters to show you!!!