28 Aug 2015

Sample Report from the Cambridge English First (FCE) Writing paper with feedback

Follow this link to open the webpage we worked with last class.
Try to do the same activity and you can also choose other examples of writing exercises that show teachers' comments and suggestions!

27 Aug 2015

What's the meaning? On cloud nine, as happy as Larry...

Here is the link to the webpage we worked with last class

And as part of your homework, you had to find out and explain the meaning of some of these expressions.

Well, here is some help for you!

Have a look and get ready to tell your classmates the interesting origins of those expressions!
Follow this link
Follow this link

19 Aug 2015

The Go-Between: chapters 22 to 25

Answer these questions about chapters 22 to 25. We will discuss them next class.
Get ready for the test on August 27th!

7 Aug 2015

The Go-Between: chapters 18 to 21

Going on with our reading, here are some simple questions about these chapters. Remember to hand them in next class!

Entertainment & the Arts

Check your answers with this answer key for the extra exercises about this topic and let's discuss in class any doubts and ideas that may come up!
Remember to hand it in on Tuesday August 11th.

5 Aug 2015

Haver you ever thought about visiting Australia?

OK... yes, of course, they do speak English!

But, think about practising some spoken Aussie slang. 

Basically, words are shortened... sometimes VERY MUCH!

Have fun!

4 Aug 2015

The Go-Between: chapters 14 to 17

Go on with your reading experience and complete these exercises. Hand them in next class on piece of paper.

1) Answer these comprehension questions about chapters 14 to 17.

2) On page 83, Leo describes a letter that he writes to his mother. But this is only a description. Based on Leo's description, try to write what would have been his real letter to his mother.

3) Until Chapter 16, in what ways has Leo’s stay at Brandham Hall been successful for him? What is your opinion of Marian’s and Ted’s treatment of Leo?

3 Aug 2015

Welcome back!

Hello everybody!

Hope you had terrific winter holidays and come back refreshed and recharged!

Just a reminder: 
  • Hand in your Practice Test #4 and get ready for August 21st and 28th for your Reading and Use of English, and Writing Practice Tests #5! Don't miss these dates!