8 Apr 2015

Reading and Use of English - Part 5 - Answer key

Just out of curiosity...

Ewan, Euan or Ewen or is a male given name, most commonly heard throughout Scotland and Canada. It is a derivative of Eoghan (meaning "born of the yew tree", a kind of coniferous tree) and is mostly of Irish origin.Its pronunciation may be difficult to guess for non-native speakers. In phonetics symbols, it is /ˈjuːən/

Student’s book, page 20-21

Exercise 2 This is just a suggested answer
His girlfriend left him for someone with a motorbike; he had enjoyed riding a motorbike when he was six; it would allow him to get to places.

Exercise 3. The underlining should be:
1 Such trivialities; 2 did not buy; 3 adults, frightened, because; 4 main reason for buying; 5 desire, meant; 6 result, accident. 

Exercise 4
1 D 2 B
3 C 4 D
5 A   6 C 

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