29 Sep 2016

The Giver - Chapters 13 & 14

Answer these questions

Chapter 13
1.  What did Jonas see in daily life now?
2.  What would Jonas like to do when he wakes up in the morning?
3.  What does Jonas decide might be unsafe?
4.  Why was Jonas sometimes angry?
5.  What terrible memory did Jonas receive?
6.  Where is The Giver's former spouse?
7.  What does The Giver say his life is?
8.  Ten years ago, how did the community learn they needed a Receiver to contain the pain?
9.  What does The Giver say about Jonas's science teacher?
10.  How does Jonas think The Giver might suffer less?

Chapter 14
1. At the start of the memory, what did Jonas notice?
2.  What painful memory was given to Jonas?
3.  What did Jonas beg for?
4.  Why did Jonas feel lonely?
5.  Why did The Giver end each session with a colorful memory?
6.  Why does The Giver say they must hold painful memories, such as the hunger memory?
7.  Why did The Giver say that the community should not increase their numbers?
8.  Why did The Giver tell them not to shoot the plane down?
9.  What is the real reason for a Receiver?
10.  What is the problem with Gabriel?
11.  What does Father hope they won't have to do with Gabriel?
12.  Why does Father say they are preparing for a release?
13.  What does Jonas wonder about Larissa and the twin?
14.  What idea, concerning Gabriel, does Jonas have?
15.  What happened to the sailboat memory?

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