26 Sep 2016

The Giver - Chapters 11 & 12

Answer these questions

Chapter 11

1.  How did Jonas understand the sledding experience and the new words?
2.  Where was Jonas when he finally opened his eyes?
3.  Why does the old man feel lighter?
4.  What does Jonas wish he would have done on the sled?
5.  Why is there no longer snow?
6.  Rather than power, what does the Receiver have?
7.  What word did Jonas learn without being told?
8.  What caused Jonas some pain in the third memory?
9.  How did Jonas feel about the pain?
10.  What will Jonas call the old man?

Chapter 12

1.  Who did not sleep well during the night?
2.  What feelings did Jonas have after his dream?
3.  Why couldn't Jonas talk about his experiences in training?
4.  Similar to young children, what is used on the Old?
5.  What did Fiona seem to expect from Jonas?
6.  What strange thing happened as Jonas watched Fiona walk up the steps?
7.  When Jonas talks to The Giver about "seeing" what does The Giver ask Jonas about?
8.  What does The Giver say Jonas is beginning to see?
9.  How would you feel if our world went to Sameness? Explain your answer.
10.  What memory does The Giver want to give that will help Jonas with the concept of color?

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