12 Sep 2016

The Giver - Chapters 5 & 6

Chapter 5

1.  What was the morning ritual?
2.  What did Jonas tell about that morning?
3.  What feeling did Jonas have?
4.  What announcement does Jonas remember hearing about "stirrings"?
5.  What was the treatment?
6.  What were Jonas's differing feelings after taking the pill?
7.  Soon, what happened to Jonas's Stirrings?

Chapter 6

Page 68, first line
1.  Why did the young children have jackets that buttoned down the back?
2.  What job does Jonas say he would not want?
3.  Why didn't Father sit with Mother at the Ceremony?
4.  What process was Gabe going through? Why was Gabe's situation so unusual?
5.  What name had Fiona's little brother been given? How did Fiona feel about it?
6.  What was special about Caleb?
7.  What was special about turning Eight?
8.  Why were Jonas and his family not looking forward to Fritz getting a bike?
9.  What event happened at the Ceremony of Ten?
10.  What story does Asher tell?
11.  Why was Jonas so certain the Assignments would be correct?
12.  What Assignment would you choose for yourself? Why?

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