20 Aug 2016

The Giver - Chapters 2 & 3

Answer these questions and get ready to discuss them in class:

Chapter 2
1.  What rule did Father break? Why?
2.  What rule was allowed to be broken?
3.  Who was the most important elder?
4.  For Jonas's Father, why was the Ceremony of Twelve not really a surprise?
5.  After the Ceremony of Twelve, what becomes important?
6.  What is Lily's comfort object? When must she not have it?
7.  How did Jonas feel as he did his homework?

Chapter 3
1.  What did Lily notice that Jonas had in common with the newchild?
2.  What look does Jonas wonder if he also has?
3.  Why does Mother think the Assignment of Birthmother would not be good?
4.  Why did Jonas take the apple home?
5.  What were evenings usually for?

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