20 Aug 2016

The Giver - Chapter 1

Answer these questions and get ready to discuss them in class:

1. How old is Jonas? Why is his age important?
2. What do you think being "released" means?
3. What event did Lily tell about? How did Lily feel?
4. What is Father's job? Why is it important?
5. When was Jonas frightened?
6. When Jonas' friend Asher is late for school, what had to happen?
7. How does Jonas say he feels? Why?
8. How many children may a family have?
9. How does the family help Mother after Mother shares her feelings?
10. Describe the community that Jonas lives in? Would you like to live there? Explain your answer.

Complete these categories with information taken from this chapter and the following ones:

Rules: Rituals: Jobs: Jargon (special vocabulary of Jonas’ society):

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