20 Aug 2016

The Giver, by Lois Lowry - Introduction

The reader for this part of the year is The Giver, written by the American writer Lois Lowry. 
Watch this presentation about the author, the book and the main topics of the story and answer the questions that follow.

Lois Lowry speaking about the book (You Tube video):
  1. Did Lois Lowry conceive the book as a science fiction novel? Explain.
  2. In which sense is the way of life described in the book different from ours nowadays?
  3. What does she say about the first third part of the book? Why?
  4. What does she say about the readers' reactions as they advance with their reading after the first third part of the book?
  5. She mentions that the boy, main character, has set out to try to do something with the world he lives in. What is it?
  6. People reacted in two very different ways towards the book. Can you explain that?

Following screens:

  1. In 1993 the book entered the American Library Association's list of "most challenged books for the period 1990-1999. Do you know what this means? Here is a link to help you.
  2. Explain the difference between a utopia and a dystopia. Have you ever read a book or seen a film with any of these features you mention?
  3. By the end of the presentation there is a song that belongs to the sountrack of the film. Can you identify it?

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