27 Jun 2016

The Catcher in the Rye - chapters 24 - 26 End

Chapter 24
1. How did Mr. Antolini feel about D.B. going to Hollywood?
2. Why does Mrs. Antolini not want Holden to look at her when she enters the room with the coffee and cake?
3. What criteria does Holden say one must meet in order to get a good grade in Oral Expression?
4. Why does Holden like Richard Kinsella’s speeches better than anyone else’s?
5. Holden admits that there were times when he hated both Stradlater and Ackley. What else does Holden say about them?
6. What is the sense of the quote from Wilhelm Stekel which Mr. Antolini writes down for Holden?
7. What does Mr. Antolini say that Holden will do once he decides what to do with his life?
8. What does Mr. Antolini say that a good academic education will do for Holden?
9. What excuse does Holden give Mr. Antolini for having to go to the train station to get his money?
10. While awaiting the elevator, what does Holden say to Mr. Antolini?

Chapter 25
1. Where does Holden spend the rest of the night after he leaves Mr. Antolini’s apartment?
2. What does Holden worry about as he tries to stop thinking about the scene with Mr. Antolini?
3. Whom does Holden think about calling before he meets Phoebe?
4. What rule would Holden require all visitors at his cabin to observe?
5. How does Holden recognize Phoebe from a distance at the museum?
6. Why does Phoebe have a suitcase with her?
7. What does Phoebe say to Holden that he says sounds worse than swearing?
8. How does Holden feel as he stands in the rain watching Phoebe ride the carousel?

Chapter 26
1. From what location is Holden telling this story?
2. What is Holden sorry about?

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