22 Jun 2016

The Catcher in the Rye - chapters 21 - 23

Chapter 21 
1. When Holden gets on the elevator, whom does he tell the operator he is going to visit?
2. Holden is very skillful at opening the door quietly. What profession does he say he should have gone into?
3. When Holden enters the family apartment, how does he know for sure that he is in the right apartment?
4. How does Holden describe his mother’s hearing ability?
5. Why does Phoebe not like her own room?
6. During the first few moments that he is in Phoebe’s room, Holden says something he has not said for many chapters. What is it?
7. Holden’s mother has outstanding tastes in what area?
8. What kind of reading does Holden find very interesting?
9. How did Phoebe hurt her arm?
10. What does Holden say that he may do now that he has been expelled from school?

Chapter 22 
1. To what does Holden compare Phoebe’s behavior when she finds out that he was expelled from Pencey?
2. Where does Holden say that his father will send him when he learns that Holden has been expelled?
3. Even though Holden likes Mr. Spencer, why does he consider him a phony?
4. What was the Pencey alumnus looking for when he came to Holden and Stradlater’s dorm?
5. When Holden thinks about the nuns, what does he picture them doing?
6. Why did James Castle commit suicide?
7. What was the topic of the only conversation that Holden remembers having with James Castle?
8. What habit of Holden’s does Phoebe wants him to change?
9. What bothers Holden about becoming a lawyer?
10. Who is the author of “if a body meet a body coming through the rye?”

Chapter 23 
1. How does Mr. Antolini respond to Holden’s telephone call?
2. Who taught Phoebe to dance?
3. How does Holden feel after he dances with Phoebe?
4. What behavior of Charlene, the maid, does Phoebe object to?
5. Where does Phoebe say her prayers before she goes to bed that evening?
6. Why does Holden say that he has to leave the house?
7. Why does Phoebe not want Holden to go away?
8. Where does Holden plan to stay until Wednesday?
9. How does Phoebe try to comfort Holden when he is crying?
10. What does Holden do with the hunting hat?

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