2 May 2016

PAPER 2 WRITING - Part 2 Informal letter - Contributions from Students

Contributions to our...

have already been selected and they are being posted during these days.
If you want to refresh the contest and the topics, the original post is here: Paper 2 Writing - Part 2 Informal Letter (a new window opens).

Below, there is one contribution from Celeste Moschén, who attends the Mondays/Wednesdays evening group.

Congratulations! Keep on like this, we enjoyed reading your contribution very much!

Hi, Eduardo!

          I’m writing to you to tell you more about myself, as you asked us.

          I am thin and tall. I have brown eyes and a quite short brunette hair, pale skin  and freckles. I am and I like to be a correct and responsible person who wants to give her 100% at everything. I love helping people and cheering them up- those were the positive aspects about my personality. My not so good qualities are that I might be bossy in some cases and that I always want to be ahead of everyone.

         About my personal life? I live with my parents and my little sister, Azul. I love going out to expositions and travelling with them because, in that way, I learn a lot of things and I have incredible experiences. My closest friends are five girls from my old school and my neighbourhood. I usually have lunch with them or we gather at any of our houses. I have a boyfriend too; we’ve been together for three and a half months now. I met him in my holidays in Mexico so it’s a long distance relationship, it’s difficult but there’s a lot of trust which makes it easier.

          I have to go. I would like to know more about you!

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