14 Mar 2016

Speaking Part 1 - Personal Interview

Look at this list of answers. They belong to  and interview done to the popular singer Shakira. 
Can you provide a question for each answer?

  1. It’s Shakira Isabel.
  2.  It’s Mebarak Ripoll
  3.  M-E-B-A-R-A-K
  4. Yes, I have. My friends call me Shaki.
  5.  My father is from Lebanon and my mother is from Colombia.
  6.  I was born in Barranquilla in Colombia in South America and I still live there.
  7.  I’ve got four brothers and four sisters.
  8.  I would say I’m a perfectionist and a bit bossy.
  9.  No, I don’t smoke, drink alcohol or coffee.
  10. I’m five foot two inches.
  11. I was thirteen.
  12. I suppose I would call it Latin/pop-rock
  13.  I write the songs myself.
  14.  It was when I was given the award for Latin Female Artist of the Year at the World Music Awards.
  15. It was in 1998.

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