19 Mar 2016

PAPER 2 WRITING - Part 2 Informal letter

1. Let's review how to write one...

What are the main characteristics of an Informal Letter?

2. Have a look at the format and paragraphs content:

GREETING: Say hello + friend's name

BODY: Opening + Giving a reason for writing/replying

          Answer to question 1 

          Answer to quetion 2 

               (If there are more questions you have to combine them appropriately 

                   with question 1 or 2, using good connectors)

CLOSING: Give a reason why you're ending + Make reference for future                    contact
               Closing statement
               Signing off 

3. Let's read an example: 

Informal greeting
Hi Dean,

Opening - referring to the sender's email/letter.
Good to hear form you again. I hope you're still enjoying your Science course.
Give reason for replying. I'm glad you asked me about the party I planned for my mother's birthday. Well, I have to say it was a fantastic success. I told my mother we were taking her out for a quiet meal at a local restaurant with just the family, but in fact I'd(1) hired a large room in a hotel and invited all her old friends!(2)

Answer to question 1: Start a new paragraph as the topic has changed slightly.Use an informal linking word/phrase.
Anyway, I picked my mother up and told her I'd changed my mind. We were going to have a meal in a hotel. You should have seen her face when she walked into the room and everyone cheered! She just couldn't believe it and burst into tear(3). Then the party got going and it didn't finish until four in the morning. We were absolutely exhausted, but my mother had had a wonderful time.

Give a reason why you're ending + make reference for futre contact.
Must dash now - I've got to go to college. Hope to hear from you (4).
Closing statement: informal phrase
Sign with your name

(1) Use contractions
(2) Use some exclamation marks (but not too many) to express emotion.
(3) Use a range of appropriate vocabulary and informal expressions
(4) Short sentences are acceptable

For more information and examples CLICK HERE

You’ve just received this letter from an English pen pal.


I would like to get to know you a bit more. I couldn’t find any clear picture of you in Facebook so can you tell me what you look like, please? And how would you describe your personality? Tell me some positive and negative aspects about it. What about your personal life: family, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend? Tell me something about them and what you like doing together.

Write your letter in 140-190 words in an appropriate style.

The best 3 will be published on our blog!!!

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