12 Jun 2015

The Go-Between: chapters 6 & 7


Chapter 6
What's the name of the chapter?
Write a short summary with the main events.

Chapter 7
What's the name of the chapter?
Explain the situation related to the image on the left.

Explain what Leo means in these sentences:

  1. ‘I easily remembered the side that had to be used.’ (page 31)
  2. ‘Although Marcus had told me about him, I could not hide my shock.’ (page 31)
  3. ‘He should enjoy it because he rented Brandham Hall.’ (page 34)
  4. ‘It was something strong and bright, like the sun, and didn’t change.’ (page 34)
  5. ‘And I believed that he was nine times better than the first.’ (page 37)
  6. ‘You are a guest in your own house!’ (page 38) 
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  1. Thank you Eugenia and Melina for your answers!

  2. Josefina's answers received! Thank you!