22 Jun 2015

Paper 4 - Speaking Part 2.

This part tests the candidates’ ability to produce an extended piece of discourse.
Tests ability to: speak at length coherently, use language to describe, compare and contrast and comment upon a topic.

In Part 2, candidates are given the opportunity to speak for 1 minute without interruption. Each candidate is asked to compare two colour photographs, and to make a further comment about them in response to a task that is read out by the interlocutor.  A prompt is given to the candidates in the form of a direct question; this is written above the photographs

Candidates are expected to point out similarities and differences between the photographs and then move on to deal with the question, answering it with reference to both photographs.

Candidates have the opportunity to show their ability to organise their thoughts and ideas, and express themselves coherently with appropriate language. 

The listening candidate is also asked to comment (for about 30 seconds) after their partner’s long turn. They should not speak during their partner’s long turn. 

Example Task
The interview will begin with the examiner saying something like:
Q: In this part of the test I'm going to give each of you two photographs. I'd like you to talk about your photographs on your own for about 1 minute and also to answer a short question about your partner's photographs.Q: (Candidate A), here are your photographs. They show people participating in sporting activities.Q: I'd like you to compare the two photographs and say why sport is important to people. Q: All right?
Notice there are TWO instructions here: first to 'compare' the two photographs and also 'to say why' sport is important to people. In Part 2 candidates need to show they can compare but also give an opinion. 

The examiner will then ask Candidate B a short question about these photographs.Q: Thank you (Candidate A). (Candidate B) which sport would you most like to try?

Candidate B will then do their long turn with a different set of photographs and at the end, Candidate A will be asked a short question.

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